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Spokane County Democratic Party

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9th Legislative District | WA

It is my pleasure to announce that The 9th LD of The State of Washington is proud to endorse Dr. Bernie Bank for The United States House of Representatives, State of Washington Congressional District 5.  The People's House- Power to The People.  
                                                 -  Jay Ball ,  Chair Washington 9th Legislative District 

Citizen | Voter Endorsements:

Major General Irv Halter, United States Air Force, (retired)

“Dr. Bank is by far the strongest voice for veterans in Eastern Washington. She will stand with our military and veterans in Congress.”

Petra Hoy, Community Organizer
It is critical to have a pro-choice OB/GYN in the U.S. House.  American Women deserve an advocate at a time when a small number of people in Washington have so much power, but so little understanding of women's bodies and women's health care.  

The government should help people gain access to medical care, but not be involved in our personal healthcare choices.  This is one of many reasons why I support Dr. Bernadine Bank for Congress.  I am also impressed with her courage to visit Ukraine.  She personally witnessed why it's critical that we support Ukraine in defeating Putin and defending their democracy.  

I've also seen that Dr. Bernadine Bank is the type of person who shows up and does the work.  She will bring her work ethic, integrity and smarts to Congress and work to defend our freedoms.  

Colonel Charles Hancock, United States Army (retired)

I'm traditionally a Conservative and I'm endorsing Dr. Bernadine Bank for Congress. I served in the Army for 41 years - 17 as an enlisted Soldier (enlisted and Noncommissioned Officer) and then an additional 24 years as a commissioned officer thankfully retiring as a full Colonel. I served with Ranger units and in Special Forces ("the Green Berets") and later as an intelligence officer. I don't like starting out with my background but I believe it's long been time to step away from political labels and try to do what is best for our country and the world at large. 

From what I see Dr. Bank stands up and advocates for what is right – not what is popular to any specific political party or side. She takes a very educated view on a situation and isn't blinded by 15-second sound bites memes or "reels." I encourage all voters to please do the same – take the time to learn the issues ask questions that are challenging and try to get the perspective from the other side.Our country is losing sight of who we are and who we were as a nation. Our leaders are playing politics while war rages in Ukraine where the brave men and women there are standing alone against Putin's tyranny. "Standing with Ukraine" has no caveats for a free people fighting a murderous regime. Support for our military and veterans includes respecting the freedoms they fought and died for everywhere in the world regardless of our political party. Please let's not forget that.

Ukraine is standing between a free Europe (and the rest of the western world) and blatant Russian aggression. For those of us who remember we fought the Cold War against Russian influence for over 45 years. For all our talk Ukraine is now the nation literally dying and bleeding for the cause we espoused all those years. History will judge us.

I know Ukraine – I've been there. As has Bernadine – she's a candidate that actually goes to the trouble spots and sees for herself...and helps. Whether it is fighting a terribly inefficient bureaucracy here at home or an economic challenge to keep American workers employed or the war-ravaged Ukraine.

Many of the soldiers I served alongside in Iraq and Afghanistan were female and yet they would return home and not have full healthcare at the VA which I find appalling. Dr Bank started the Spokane VA's Gynecology Department...and then publicly stood up to the VA when they chose bureaucracy over patient care. She is willing to choose the hard rights over the easy wrongs and will be a moderate voice in Congress when America needs it most. I urge you to support her candidacy. 

Tim Hattenburg, Spokane Valley City Councilman
I am excited to endorse Dr. Bernadine Bank in her bid for Congress. Dr Bank has spent her career delivering babies and providing gynecological care for women and understands how important that is to women and families everywhere.  She has unique insight into the decline of women's health in America,  and knows what has to be done to solve this unnecessary -but very real crisis. Women's Health is family health. 

Dr Bank started the Gynecology Department at the Spokane Veterans Hospital and has a clear perspective on Veterans' issues that is invaluable to both Veterans and their families. This district's rural medical facilities are in crisis and she will fight to increase and improve healthcare throughout the district. Small business owners and the people who work there are the foundation of any economy and she knows the challenges first hand from her own 15 years in private practice. Farmers, laborers, teachers, and small businesses are the economic backbone of our district, and Dr. Bank has the skillset to listen to concerns, foster dialogue, and then advocate for solutions. That's why she has earned my endorsement for Washington's 5th Congressional District.

Rev. Beth Plumbo, Board Certified Chaplain, Sacred Heart Medical Center& Children's Hospital

Dr. Bernadine Banks is the person I want representing me in Congress.  She has devoted her career to helping others through medicine and now she wants to use her experience and skills to bring positive change on a broader scale.  I met Dr. Bank three years ago as part of a book discussion group.  She is thoughtful, asks deep questions and listens attentively to others.  She is a "doer" -- full of energy and gets things done.  Having raised two children and worked in private practice and for the VA, she is concerned about the future of our country and our environment. She has worked actively as a volunteer for the Democratic party as a practical way of effecting change.  I trust Dr. Bank to make the best possible use of political office. 

Barbara Ziv, M.D.

I am a forensic psychiatrist and an expert in sexual assault. I have testified for the prosecution in the Harvey Weinstein trials in New York and California and the Bill Cosby trial in Pennsylvania, as well as in over 200 trials in multiple states in cases that are less well known. Many of these cases have involved violence against both men and women.

I met Dr. Bernadine Bank in medical school and for the past 30+ years have witnessed her to be smart, capable, resourceful, tenacious, caring, and unwavering in her dedication to the patients she has under her care. In these fractious political times, perhaps the most unique quality of Dr. Bank is her unimpeachable commitment to acting ethically in every situation in which she is placed.

Bernie made the decision to seek political office because of her sense of duty. She saw the devastating impact that overturning Roe by the Supreme Court had on women. Bernie witnessed the physical, emotional, and economic cost of stripping away women's autonomy, and felt compelled to act – to find a way to change the political course that is marching ever closer to making women second class citizens who have no control over their bodies, and hence, their destinies. Bernie is pro-life – she is a staunch advocate for living women – women who should have the opportunity to live life on their own terms, without government interference. She recognizes that to be pro-life, you have to support the living.

Everyone should want Bernie in their corner. Bernie's fight is not just for women; the ramifications of overturning Roe impact everyone. She is incorruptible, and will work tirelessly to meet the needs of her constituents. She is courageous, and will not back down when challenged. She is thoughtful, and will always be up to speed on any issue she tackles. In short, Bernie is the kind of politician the Founding Fathers had in mind when they set up the structure of our government; an involved citizen who is willing to contribute time and energy for the good of the country.

I endorse Dr. Bernadine Bank enthusiastically and without reservation.



Dr Jeff Thurston 

I have known Bernie both professionally and personally for over 30 years now. She is an excellent surgeon, an empathic listener, and the kind of individual who has developed a fiercely loyal patient following. Personally, I know her to be easy going, level headed, remarkably knowledgable over a wide range of subjects, and someone who can you have you laughing in an instant! While determined in her approach to societal needs, she nevertheless graciously considers contrasting points of view. In a Congress like today's, polarized, vitriolic, immature, self-serving, House, she is the kind of sensible "real" person that we need guiding our nation. 


Selina Lee Branham 

I am writing this letter to express my wholehearted support and endorsement for Dr. Bernadine Bank, who has informed me of her intention to run for Congress in the 5th legislative district. Having known and collaborated with Dr. Bank for over two decades in the healthcare setting, I am confident in her ability to bring about positive change and represent the best interests of our community.

Dr. Bank has consistently demonstrated an unwavering passion for women's healthcare issues and veterans' affairs throughout her career. Her commitment to human dignity is exemplary, and I have been privileged to witness her compassionate and caring interactions with our patients. Her extensive knowledge in the healthcare field, combined with her genuine concern for the well-being of others, sets her apart as an outstanding advocate for our community.

One of the driving forces behind Dr. Bank's dedication to women's healthcare is the personal loss she endured with the passing of her sister due to breast cancer. This tragic experience has fueled her determination to ensure that women are well-informed and encouraged in self-care. Dr. Bank's empathy, coupled with her professional expertise, makes her an invaluable asset in addressing critical healthcare issues.

Moreover, Dr. Bank is deeply rooted in our community, and her commitment to being a voice for veterans and women's healthcare is evident in her continuous advocacy efforts. She possesses the leadership qualities necessary to navigate the complexities of legislative matters and to effectively represent the diverse needs of our district.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Bernadine Bank for Congress in the 5th legislative district. Her passion, compassion, and knowledge make her an exceptional candidate, and I am confident that she will be an advocate for positive change in our community.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information.


Dr. Ashlee Mickelson

I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Bank for several years.  She has dedicated her career to improving the health of women and veterans.  She is intelligent, hard working, and cares deeply for the community.  I am confident that Dr. Bank is the best person to represent us in Washington!

 Michelle Junevitch, RN and WSU PhD ARNP Candidate 

As one of Dr. Bank's students, I can attest to the genuine concern and empathy she has for her patients. Her regard for others extends beyond the medical office, which is evidenced by her desire to publicly advocate for the rights and liberties of her fellow citizens in one of the most impactful ways- Congress. Please consider Dr. Bank when you vote for new representation in District 5.


Rhonda L James, MA 

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Bank for the past 12 years at Community Health of Spokane. She is very passionate about women's health and a staunch supporter for women's reproductive issues. She would be a great asset for Congress, and I highly recommend her for this position.  


 Elizabeth Budig, RN, BSN, CPAN

Bernadine Bank, MD has the knowledge and experience to lead District 5 into the future. New leadership is needed for our changing area and Bernadine is able to address actual solutions to issues that plague this area of the state. As a nurse, I am confident that she is the best candidate for the position and can breath new life into Washington's 5th Congressional District as its representative. 



 Shelley L. Northern, CNM, DNP

I am writing to give my support of Dr. Bank and her pursuit to represent our district in the United States Congress. As an advanced practice nurse-midwife for 15 years and United States citizen, I believe we are at a critical crossroads in our nation's history. I am the granddaughter and daughter of the generations of women who fought for equality under the law. Equality at every level, including self-agency and our right to healthcare, including reproductive healthcare. I am confident that Dr. Bank will be a strong advocate not only for the reproductive rights of women, but also has the skill and perspective to successfully navigate the broader issues impacting the well-being of our society. As healthcare providers, we have a unique window into the everyday lives of people, and we see firsthand the struggles and obstacles that people face daily. Dr. Bank has what it takes to represent our region with wisdom, knowledge, and strength. She has my vote!


 Pamala Phelps

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Dr. Bernadine Bank, a dedicated physician who is running for Congress in Washington's 5th Congressional District. Dr. Bank's campaign slogan, "A Physician, Not a Politician," truly encapsulates her commitment to public service and her unique perspective as a healthcare provider. I wholeheartedly believe that she is the best candidate to represent the interests of our community in Congress.

 As a physician, Dr. Bernadine Bank has spent her career tirelessly treating patients at the VA hospital and community health clinics, focusing on serving the underserved and advocating for those in need. Her firsthand experience in these settings has given her a deep understanding of the healthcare challenges faced by our community. Dr. Bank has not just witnessed these challenges from a distance, but has been on the frontline, working to improve the lives of countless individuals and families.

 Moreover, Dr. Bank has been a staunch advocate for women's health, recognizing the unique healthcare needs and challenges faced by women. She has been instrumental in promoting access to quality healthcare for women, championing reproductive rights, and advocating for policies that address women's health issues. Her dedication to this cause has made a significant impact on the well-being of women in our community.

 Dr. Bernadine Bank's dedication to public service, her unwavering commitment to the well-being of her patients, and her advocacy for women's health make her an exceptional candidate for Congress. Her perspective as a healthcare provider will bring a much-needed voice to discussions on healthcare policy, veterans' affairs, and the overall well-being of our community, with a specific focus on women's health issues.

 I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Bernadine Bank personally, and I can attest to her integrity, compassion, and strong work ethic. Her values and principles are rooted in her genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and I have no doubt that she will bring these same qualities to her role as a member of Congress.

 I urge you to join me in supporting Dr. Bernadine Bank's candidacy. She is a leader who will bring a fresh and much-needed perspective to Congress, with a specific focus on women's health, and I am confident that she will work tirelessly to represent and serve the best interests of our community.


 Rocio Diaz

As politicians have continued to make decisions at an alarming rate on women's reproductive health, it's vastly important that we vote for representatives that reflect our values, have our health and needs at the forefront of their minds, and earn our trust. Dr. Bernadine Bank is running for the fifth legislative congressional seat and I could not imagine someone better for that role. She also has substantial experience advocating for women, all while founding the gynecological department at the Spokane VA hospital. Over the past year I have gotten to work closely with Dr. Bank as she cares for Women and their health, at CHAS (Community Health Clinic). Working as her medical assistant I have seen first hand the impact she makes in her patients lives, ensuring they receive exceptional care regardless of their background or social economic status. I fully endorse Dr. Bernadine Bank in the 2024 election.


Tina Scotti 

I have worked as assistant to Dr Bank for 14 years.  I can honestly say at least 90% of the patients she sees only want to see her future GYN concerns. This is no way discredits any of our other doctors or midwives, but is simply due to the superb care and compassion she shows each of her patients. If Dr Bank does not have an answer to a particular problem, she will research and consult with other physicians until she comes up with a treatment plan. 

On a personal note, a better friend you could not ask for. When I needed hip surgery a few years ago, she immediately offered to Seattle with me to assist after my procedure and help me get back home safely. 

I sincerely believe as congresswoman, Dr Bernadine Bank will be an asset not only to the state of Washington, but also to our nation. 


Daniel Moorman, MD

This letter is written in support of Bernadine Bank, MD and her candidacy for United States Congress. I have known Dr. Bank for around 15 years, as we both serve as physicians at CHAS Health in Spokane, WA.  I believe her to be an exceptional individual who would represent her constituents with passion and great understanding of what this community needs most. I am happy to endorse her candidacy. 


 Dr. Dorothy Ling
I have known and worked with Dr. Bernadine Bank for six years.  I have found her to be a very competent and compassionate physician.  Patients at the VA and at CHAS have greatly benefited from her expertise and care.  Other medical providers (such as myself) also have had the privilege of learning from her.  Dr. Bank has the remarkable combination of intelligence and integrity.  Because she has stood up and will stand up for what is right, she will make a positive representation, not just for women and veterans, but for everyone in our district.     

Lisa Freeland, RN, BSN, CNM

I first met Dr. Bernadine (Bernie) Bank during our undergraduate years over 40 years ago.  Our friendship was further cemented in medical school and has continued to flourish throughout the years.  I have witnessed Bernie work tirelessly in her family and professional lives, successfully balancing the demands of both. 

Although Dr. Bank's career in Obstetrics/Gynecology focuses on women's health, she was also dedicated to improving the veterans' health during her tenure at the Spokane VA Medical Center.  For example, she introduced a number of office procedures so Veterans would not require referrals to the community. She also helped compile up to date gynecology medication tables to make ordering more straightforward. 

 Growing up with ten siblings, Bernie understands what it takes to cooperate and collaborate with others.  This ability will serve her well in our current divided political environment.

 Now more than ever, we need someone who is empathetic, passionate, energetic, and motivated to fully represent Washington's 5th Congressional District in DC.   I have no doubt whatsoever that Dr. Bank is the best candidate to fill that need.



Elizabeth Grosen, MD

I am a gynecologic oncologist who has been practicing medicine in Spokane, Washington for over 23 years.  I have known Dr. Bank professionally for several years, and can attest to her excellent skills and reputation as an obstetrician and gynecologist who has cared for many women at the CHAS clinic and VA Hospital here in Spokane.

Dr. Bank is passionate about Women's Healthcare, Veterans Healthcare, and the healthcare of all Americans.  She also is a strong advocate for women's autonomy in healthcare.  She believes that healthcare decisions should be made by the patient and their physician, and that women's access to healthcare should not be legislated.  She has a deep understanding of the current crisis in healthcare across this nation, especially as it impacts access and equity for healthcare.  She is also acutely aware of the financial crisis healthcare is facing in this country.

I would consider Dr. Bank an individual who can work with all people, and represent a moderate view in this divided world of American politics.  She would truly represent ALL people in District 5, and not just one constituency.  

She represents the values of many women and men, she will be an excellent congresswoman.

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